Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone who can who wants to send money (transfer money) to Nepal can use the service provided by SKY PAY UK.

You can remit in either USD or GBP.

You can send through any SKY PAY UK Agent/s located in UK. List of agents. Apart from that you can also send money using Valapay mobile wallet.

You can send up to £5,000 in a month and up to £15,000 in a year.

Any payment (made in Nepal) up to Rs. 100000/- would be made through cash whereas payment above Rs. 100000/- would be made through cheque or be deposited into the bank.

£3 if its under £300. Free if its £300 or over.

You can send in as many times as you can if it doesn’t limit over £5,000 in a month, and £15,000 in a year. You must have documents to support your source of funds.

The Sender has two options. They can either choose to be paid in cash or request to paid in a Recipient’s bank account.

Yes. It is mandatory to present valid identification(“ID”) to receive services from SKY PAY. Any transactions will not be completed unless a valid proof of ID is provided and recognized by SKY PAY.

Listed below are forms of acceptable ID’s:

  • Valid Signed Passport
  • Valid Full driving license (EU) and provisional license (UK Only)
  • Valid HM Forces ID card
  • Valid UK Biometric Resident Permit
  • Valid EEA member state ID card
  • Emergency/temporary passport

In order to know your status, you can use the service “Track My Money”; which is available on our website. You have to insert your PIN (transaction number) and date of the transaction to view your status.

Receiver can collect the agreed amount all over in Nepal. There are more than 6500 Agents of SKY PAY in Nepal. For further details, check

As soon as the transaction has been approved. Once the system processes the transaction and shows up in our record, the receiver is able to collect the agreed amount. In the case of cash pick up, the receiver can collect the money instantly; whereas in the case of Account Deposit, it may take up to 1-2 business day*. Transfer requests received after 16:00 will be considered as a next day transaction and will be forwarded to the next business day* to be processed.

You can make a payment with your debit card. You can also do an online transfer. For more details on online payments, please reach out to our customer services at (+44) 01183 042 969 or email us at Our lines are open from 09:00-17:30 (Monday to Friday), 09:00- 16:00 (Saturdays).

Once your profile has been set up and your form of ID is accepted, you can easily call in and provide your details and transfer the agreed amount. Bank transfer (online) is only available for UK residents. We will confirm once the payment has been received. Some card issuers may charge additional fees for using our services. Please contact your card issuer.

You need to inform our customer service to correct any typographical error or any mistake made in the typing process (spelling mistake). The agent will correct the mistakes as long the funds hasn’t been collected or deposited yet. We can’t change the name if the transaction has already been fully completed.

You can collect the funds at any agent location in Nepal or the UK. You must provide a valid identification. You will also need to provide; the order no., sender’s name, amount and the country it was sent from. If it matches and the agents approve of your ID, you can easily collect the funds.

Some banks(recipients) may impose some fees on the transaction for their service availability, which will be your sole responsibility/the recipient’s. We sometimes cannot control these charges as these are third party engagements.

The transfer will normally be available for collection during operating hours depending on recipients’ location. Some transfers may be subject to availability, depending on the availability of the funds at the designated recipient’s location, conditions also apply according to recipient’s country and their regulatory requirements. You can also go to the next closest agents available in the area and try it collect from there. We have 6500 agents operating in Nepal to provide you the best of services.

If you wish to cancel, you must contact SKY PAY in person or call customer services or email us a request for cancellation. A transaction cannot be cancelled or refunded once the funds have been already paid to the Recipient. For quicker response, please contact customer services or directly contact the agent you dealt with.

SKY PAY will refund the full amount according to specific transaction within 28 business days minus any other applicable charges or services connected to the specific transaction. These conditions will apply, if you (Sender) can provide a copy of the transaction along with present valid identification.

It is the sole responsibility of the Sender to notify their recipients to collect the funds. If the funds are not collected within 21 business days* then SKY PAY will cancel the transaction and inform you accordingly. The funds will be held by SKY PAY and you should contact SKY PAY for further actions.

*Business days doesn’t include public holidays and bank holidays.

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